Fine Arts Show

Come do your holiday shopping in style!
Friday, November 27, 2015
6 - 9 pm

Saturday, November 28, 2015
10 am - 4 pm

Twentieth Century Club
84 S. Lansdowne Avenue
Lansdowne, PA 19050
Free Admission
Live Music - Gourmet Food
Pottery - Glasswork
Paper Arts - Painting
Fibers - Jewelry
Sculpture - Printmaking
Photography - And More!

2014 MUSIC:

6 pm - 7 pm: Joseph Healey (Main Stage)
6 pm - 8 pm: Genni Naklicki (Lower Stage)
7 pm - 9 pm: Rupert Wates (Main Stage)
10 am: Joseph Healey (Lower Stage)
10 am: St. Eugene School Band (outside)
11 am: Dante Bucci (Main Stage)
Noon: CG Coats (Main Stage)
1 pm: David Bruggink (Main Stage)
Noon – 3 pm Genni Naklicki (Lower Stage)

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View show floorplan: Upper Level | Lower Level

Richard Aldorasi (Turkish Silk Scarves)
Maureen and Gabrielle Antonini (Candles and Metals)
Terry Baraldi and Mary Kay Bowden (Fibers)
Bonnie's Wondergardens (Floral Design)
Liz Steele Coats (Jewelry and Metals)
Mike D'Angelo (Photography)
Donna Diakite (Fibers)
Deb DiMarco (Glasswork)
Deanna Haldeman (Ceramics)
Nancy Hinkle (Glasswork)
Alyssa Hummel (Canning)
Sohka Lanctot (Henna Painting)
Debra Lane (Ceramics)
James Lincke (Illustration)
Jen McCleary (Mixed Media)
Dori McClennen (Jewelry and Metals)
Zakiyyah McKelven (Gourds)
Luke Momjian (Illustration)
Mary Beth Nardy (Jewelry and Metals)
Alicia Nock (Fibers)
Sue Oleykowski (Ceramics)
Cybele Perry (Fibers)
Denise Pettit (Mixed Media)
Photo Arts Guild of Lansdowne (Photography)
Laura Piontkowski (Photography)
Sarah Presogna (Pressed Flowers)
Sara Richardson (Metals)
James Ryan (Watercolors)
Shattered Studios (Illustration)
Larry Smalley (Acrylics and Oils)
Shelby Smith and Kim Gutjahr (Ceramics)
Claire Tomlinson (Mixed Media)
Mary Tyldsley (Jewelry)
Craig and Heather Vetter (Glasswork)
Marty and Helene Von Rosenstiel (Glasswork)
Amy Weaver (Illustration)
Katy Winters (Mixed Media)
Lydia Wisner (Jewelry)

Kia’s Cakes and Gourmet Goodies
Seventh Avenue Grill
Student Artists:
Ardmore Avenue School • BVM • St. Eugene School
Genni Naklicki • St. Laurence School


Contact Liz Steele Coats at 610.724.8268 or